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February 05, 2019
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Give your smile the cosmetic makeover it deserves with dental veneers.

If you are thinking of ways to refresh and enhance your appearance then chances are good that you’ve looked in the mirror and decided that your smile could use a nice spruce. While there are many ways in which to improve your smile, many patients are turning to our Clarks Summit, PA, cosmetic dentists Dr. Jeffrey Bell, Dr. Dale Collins and Dr. Amy Cravath to get dental veneers.

What can dental veneers do for me?

These very thin layers of porcelain are made to look just like real tooth enamel. By bonding them to the front of a tooth we can improve the shape, length and color of your smile. Whether you want to brighten your smile, improve symmetry, or correct minor misalignments, this simple cosmetic restoration could offer you the results you want for a healthier looking smile.

How are dental veneers placed?

First, you will need to visit our Clarks Summit, PA, dentists for an evaluation. During your evaluation, we will perform an oral exam and run x-rays to make sure that teeth are healthy enough for veneers.

After this, we will prepare your teeth and take impressions. Since dental veneers are custom-made we will need to take impressions so that the dental lab can have the exact measurements they need to create perfectly fitted veneers.

Many people turn to veneers because they can truly transform a smile without requiring much tooth preparation. In fact, the only thing we will need to do to your teeth before placing your veneers is to remove a very thin layer of enamel from the front of your teeth to make room for the veneers. During this process, we will also determine the right shade for your veneers.

Sometimes temporary veneers are adhered to the front of your teeth while we wait for a laboratory to create your dental veneers. This will protect the teeth in the interim. Once your veneers are ready you will come in for a final fitting. During the fitting, resin is applied between the tooth and the veneer and then the resin is hardened into place by a special dental light. After the veneers are applied you may need to come back in for a follow-up appointment to make sure that the veneers are comfortable and fit properly.

If you are interested in what dental veneers can offer your smile and appearance than call Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit, PA, today to learn more. Schedule a consultation with us.


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