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By Abington Dental Arts, PC
April 23, 2018
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Your smile has a noticeable gap. You dislike how it mars your appearance, but more importantly, you worry about your oral health. What'sdental implants the best way to close that smile gap? At Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit, PA, Dr. Jeffrey Bell, Dr. Dale Collins and Dr. Amy Cravath place dental implants to maximize appearance, oral function, and jaw bone strength. You may qualify for placement of these ultra-modern prosthetics.

Problems after tooth loss

After dental extraction or traumatic loss, surrounding gum tissue and bone deteriorate. Neighboring teeth shift and weaken, and speech and the ability to bite and chew efficiently changes. Even with the loss of a single tooth, facial structure ages.

Additionally, conventional tooth replacements deliver less than satisfactory results. They do not maintain bone structure or gum tissue. Dentures need relining or replacement to keep bite strong and speech clear. Plus, appliances such as partial dentures or bridgework require enamel reduction on the neighboring teeth which provide support.

A better way

Dental implants provide superior biting, chewing and speech. Because they are rooted in the jaw, they improve bone density through an incredible process called osseointegration. With osseointegration, the bone bonds to the titanium implant screw forming a firm foundation for the extension post and crown which complete the implant.

During your consultation at Abington Dental Arts, your dentist will inspect your teeth and gums, review your medical history and take X-rays and other sophisticated scans as warranted. These observations tell the dentist if you are healthy enough for the procedure and if you have enough bone in your jaw to accept the implant. The scans also tell the doctor where to place the implant screw and in the case of bridgework or dentures, how many implant devices you require.

The implant procedure

To begin the treatment, your dentist will inject a local anesthetic. When the area is numb, he or she opens the gums and creates a small access hole in the jaw. This hole accepts the titanium implant, and sutures close the site.

Typical implant sites take months to fully integrate. However, the wait is worthwhile because the implant becomes rock-solid secure and readily accepts metal alloy extension post, realistic porcelain crown and the subsequent forces of biting and chewing.

Life with dental implants in Clarks Summit

The American College of Prosthodontists states that 2.3 million single-tooth implants are placed annually in the US. Most stay in place for years, filling ugly and unhealthy smile gaps and giving patients confidence in their smiles.

Plus, maintenance is easy. See your dentist every six months for an exam and cleaning. Brush twice a day and floss daily to keep implant sites clean. If you smoke, try to quit as tobacco compromises implants with an infection called peri-implantitis. See your primary care physician for help.

Find out more

Yes, dental implants could your best choice for tooth replacement. Why not call Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit, PA to arrange a consultation with one of our highly skilled dentists? Phone (570) 586-1411.

By Abington Dental Arts, PC
October 31, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Is your smile one of your least favorite features? Adding dental crowns to your teeth can completely transform a damaged or unattractive dental crownssmile. Our Clarks Summit, PA, dentists - Dr. Jeffrey Bell, Dr. Dale Collins and Dr. Amy Cravath - explains how crowns can improve your smile.

Dental crowns restore damaged teeth

Do you spend more time frowning than smiling because you have a broken tooth? The problem doesn't just detract from your smile, but probably also makes it harder to chew. Adding a crown to the tooth is a simple way to restore its appearance and improve its function.

Crowns are hollow porcelain restorations that fit over your teeth. They're created from a mold of your mouth to ensure that they look perfectly natural. During your first crown visit in our Clarks Summit office, we'll prepare your teeth by filing them slightly to reduce their size, make an impression of your mouth and create a temporary crown, which you'll wear until your permanent crown is ready.

Crowns prevent dental disasters

Fragile may be just one bite away from falling apart. If you don't take steps to stabilize your tooth, it may break one day when you bite into a pretzel or apple. Teeth can become fragile due to cracks, aging, trauma or dental procedures, such as root canal therapy or fillings that replace a large portion of your tooth structure. Crowns strengthen teeth, but also absorb the strong forces produced by biting. Once your crown is in place, you'll no longer need to worry every time you enjoy a snack. If your tooth is cracked, your crown will also prevent bacteria from entering it and causing an infection or tooth decay.

Need to hide an imperfection? Dental crowns offer an excellent solution

Does your smile need a little help due to a big or small flaw? Topping a twisted or discolored tooth with a crown totally changes the appearance of your problem tooth. Crowns can conceal a range of imperfections, including chips, uneven surfaces and pointed teeth. They're also a good choice if you have a little trouble chewing because one tooth isn't quite as tall as its neighbors.

Why not take advantage of versatile crowns to make over your smile? Call our Clarks Summit, PA, dentists - Dr. Bell, Dr. Collins and Dr. Cravath - at (570) 586-1411 to schedule an appointment.

By Abington Dental Arts, PC
October 21, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn more about this small metal post that can replace your missing tooth or teeth for life.

It might seem hard to believe but there is a dental restoration that can take the place of your missing teeth for a lifetime if you give them dental implantsthe proper care they deserve. Our Clarks Summit, PA dentists--Dr. Jeffrey Bell, Dr. Dale Collins and Dr. Amy Cravath--are here to tell you more about getting dental implants and why they may be the right choice for you.

Looking to replace one tooth? Looking to replace multiple teeth? No matter how many teeth you are looking to replace you can do it with dental implants. Multiple implants can be placed in the jawbone to support a dental bridge or even a full set of dentures if needed.

When the implant is placed into the jawbone where the missing tooth was once, over time the implant will attach to the bone. The implant will now function just like real tooth roots for your new restoration. On top of the implant, a dental crown, bridge or set of dentures is placed, depending on the severity of your tooth loss.

Of course, for implants to work properly there are a few things that need to take place. Before our Clarks Summit restorative dentists deem you appropriate for dental implants we will need to assess certain factors. For one, you must have enough healthy jawbone to support your implant. You must also have good oral health.

Patients should also be non-smoking adults who aren’t pregnant and don’t plan on becoming pregnant during the course of their treatment. Remember, it takes several months to get implants. It’s a process that can be made longer if you don’t take care of your health in the meantime. Of course, dental implants are designed to last the rest of your life, so giving your implants the proper care just means that you’ll enjoy your new, full smile for a very long time.

Turn to Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit, PA, whether you are looking for preventive dentistry or restorative care. We offer it all!

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