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By Abington Dental Arts, PC
June 13, 2017
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Need root canal treatment? Millions of teeth are saved each year with root canal therapy. Abington Dental Arts, which is located in root canalsClarks Summit, PA, offers root canal therapy with a gentle touch. Dr. Jeffrey Bell, Dr. Dale Collins, and Dr. Amy Cravath are some of the world's finest dentists. Here are five reasons why root canal treatment is your friend.

1. It's Virtually Pain Free

Putting off a root canal because of fear? Don't be anxious. Root canal treatment is nothing to fear. Modern technology and anesthetics allow your dentists in Clarks Summit, PA to complete root canals virtually pain-free. Your dentist will ensure your complete comfort during the procedure by using oral sedation or a local anesthetic.

2. It Will Relieve Your Pain

A toothache is a sign of a decaying tooth. The discomfort can range from sharp and intense to a dull ache. Your toothache may affect your ability to enjoy a full night’s rest. Root canal treatment will relieve your pain and improve your well-being.

3. It Prevents Tooth Loss

Tooth removal is not a good alternative to root canal treatment. Tooth extraction will leave a gap that can impair the appearance of your smile and reduce the functionality of your bite. Saving your tooth is always the best option. Through root canal treatment, dentists worldwide enable patients to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

4. It Restores Tooth Function

After root canal treatment, a crown often needs to be placed on the tooth to protect it and restore it to full function. A permanent dental crown can help you chew better, restore your ability to speak, and enhance your enjoyment of life.

5. It Has a High Success Rate

Endodontic techniques have improved significantly in the last decade. Root canals have a very high success rate. Research shows that getting a root canal treatment provides a longer-lasting solution than having a diseased tooth extracted and replaced with a bridge, which can fail over time.

Everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. Don't put off root canal therapy if you need it. Call Abington Dental Arts at 570-586-1411 today to schedule an appointment in Clarks Summit, PA. We will make sure you have a comfortable experiencing during your root canal procedure.

By Abington Dental Arts, PC
February 17, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental anxiety is a common issue for many people, and one of their biggest fears is centered around root canals. There's even a popularroot canal saying about doing something boring, arduous or difficult - "I'd rather have a root canal" - as if to highlight how awful the task must be. There are so many myths and misunderstandings about this dental procedure that the dentists at Abington Dental Arts - Dr. Amy Cravath, Dr. Jeffrey Bell and Dr. Dale Collins - in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania want to address the facts with their patients here.

Myth #1: Root canals are painful.

Like all dental procedures of centuries past, very little was done to minimize pain because the technology simply didn't exist. Patients had to "grin and bear it!" Thankfully, dental procedures have evolved over many years of research and development to become relatively painless through the use of anesthesia. Root canals, however, still have this stigma attached to them, and a recent study found that it persists from people who have never actually had one. The truth is that root canals at Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit are typically no more tedious or uncomfortable than a standard cavity filling.

Myth #2: Root canals lead to cancer.

This myth recently swept through the online community, claiming that a large number of cancer patients - as many as 97 percent - had gone through root canals at some point in their life, suggesting a causative link. While this theory was pursued in the early 1900's, its validity was debunked in the 1950's; with the extensive dental research that has been conducted since that time, there has been no evidence that suggests root canals are responsible for cancer or any other disease in the body. In fact, a study in 2013 found that people who had experienced multiple root canals actually had their risk for cancer lowered by as much as 45 percent.

Our dental staff prides ourselves on tailoring each patient's experience to be as comfortable as possible, so talk with one of our Clarks Summit dentists about your options for anesthesia and anxiety. Call us today to set up a consultation about root canals or any other dental procedures you think you might need.

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